Do foods that can burn fat actually exist? It could sound impossible, but the truth is that there are research studies that show that people who eat some types of foods can have a larger weight loss than other people that do not consume these types of foods – with all of the other variables being exactly the same!

We’ll start by examining three foods that are well-liked that can help you to eliminate fat according to scientific studies:


Beans are used as a source of protein for dieters around the world. Beans have both carbs and protein. Beans can be difficult to digest, so your body will require more time in order to break them down. This fact is beneficial because it will help you to have a full feeling longer and ensures that your blood sugar will stay at the same level.

However, the most important helpful part of beans is the fact that they contain fiber. Fiber gives the digestion process a workout. It makes sure that your glucose levels remain the same and makes sure that everything digests property. Beans without any sugar or oil are the best option. Baked beans that are coated with sugar or refried beans that have a lot of fat will harm your goals for losing weight because there are too many carbohydrates and calories.

Skim Milk

The top food that can burn fat is calcium which has been proven to give the metabolism a boost. Many research studies have indicated that intake of calcium results in weight loss. The study involved two different groups. Each group performed the same actions with the only difference being that one of the groups had foods that include calcium during all of the days of the study. Shockingly, the group that consumed the calcium reduced their weights by nearly three-fold when compared with the non-calcium group.

Calcium is found in a lot of vegetables such as broccoli, however dairy foods are the top choice. Select dairy foods that include 1%, 2% or 0% milk fat. These dairy products will have the most calcium while having less calories.

Green Tea

Dieters have been told to use green tea for a long time. Green tea has a number of antioxidants that work to decrease the free radicals that can cause cancer in the body. Green tea also contains caffeine in a decent amount so that your metabolism will increase, as well as your heart rate, without causing excessive stress to the body. Green tea also works as a diuretic to help you eliminate excess fluid. 

Green tea is also being looked at for burning fat. So far the study results have indicated that it is helpful. Consuming up to 6 cups of green tea everyday can result in faster weight loss.

Important Addition: Water

Water does not offer any nutrients, however water can help burn fat. Water also can reduce sodium levels which stops bloating, helps to remove excess fluid, increases rates of healing and makes the person feel satiated. However, were you aware of the fact that water can make sure that your metabolism runs at ideal rates?

That’s right, our kidneys work as a filtration system. The kidneys are responsible for removing extra fluids and toxins. However, the kidneys need water to work properly. When the kidneys don’t get the water that they need, the liver is used instead.

The liver can help filter toxins, however that is not its best used. The liver is used primarily for converting fat into energy that can be used. However, when the liver also has to do the job of the kidneys, the liver can’t convert fat as quickly as normal. Drinking water will help your metabolism to work at the best rates.

If you want to change your diet quickly, change your diet to include foods that can burn fat. Everyday, include 64 ounces of water and you will find success with your weight loss and you will be able to keep the pounds off.

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