Don’t eat after 5 pm.

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A friend of mine tried that diet. She continued to eat whatever she likes (ice cream, pizza etc’). And what do you know – she lost about 30 pounds.
I personally find it difficult to stop eating at 5 pm, so I guess its better to adjust the time to something you can realistically follow (e.g 6 pm) but remember – the sooner you quit eating for the day – the better.

Here is a testimonial I found on the net:

“I was told I should pass this on… my mom recently lost about 35 pounds…and is still losing weight… by not eating after 5pm — if she’s really hungry she has a cup of nonfat plain yogurt (no sugar). My sister has lost 15 pounds so far and she has been doing the no food after 5 thing for about 2 months. Neither of them work out or eat on a diet…they just don’t eat after 5. They’re both working women (mom works 70 hours a week, sister 50) and this seems to work for them! Maybe it could work for you too!”


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