Fat that is near the belly is very unsafe to have. Physicians have not yet decided exactly why this type of abdominal fat is dangerous but it has a large number of health risks. 

Is there some belly fat that you need to lose? If that is true, then you should review these exercises that will help you to reduce that fat and the risks for heart problems.

Belly Fat Reduction Exercise Plan: Cardio

Cardio is excellent for eliminating fat everywhere on the body. This is good because the changes can start with your belly and increase to other locations. People tend to get fatter in specific areas which is mostly due to our genes. If you are more likely to have fat in your middle section, a decrease in the amount of body fat that you have will make you feel better and provide you with a fit stomach that you’ve always dreamed of.

There are no specific cardio exercises that are absolute best at taking away belly fat. The key is to simply continue to do cardio for a long period of time. Select a few different activities that you like to do and do them for 5 hours or more every week. 

If you like fixing up your home, fix up the lawn and garden. If you have children, take your children to the local park to play or go on nature hikes with them. If you have a family pet such as a dog, go exercise with the dog at the park by playing ball. If you enjoy socializing, find an exercise class at a rec center or gym.

Belly Fat Loss Exercises: Building Strength in Your Core

Obtaining the perfect fit stomach means more than just doing some crunches and sit-ups. Doing deviations on these common exercises will help to improve your waist line much faster. To give an example, in lieu of doing the same old crunches, change to vertical leg crunches which are recommend by the American Council on Exercise. These crunches are done by lying down on the floor with your legs held at a 45 degree angle.  

Strength in the core can also be built up by doing crunches and leg lifts with the aid of an exercise ball. Exercise balls force you to focus on keeping your balance and puts all of the muscles of your core in action. To make sure that all of the muscles develop equally, do exercises that focus on your back muscles also.

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