Fat Burning Furnace Review

The Fat Burning Furnace System created by Rob Poulos was built around the concept that you can jumpstart your metabolism to work faster by injesting specific foods and doing certain types of exercises.

Thanks to this review of Fat Burning Furnace, you will receive all of the information that is necessary to make a decision as to whether it will work for you. Let us begin now!

Review of Fat Burning Furnace – The Benefits

Benefits: This information packed weight loss program seems logical.

Rob Poulos focuses on a no-brainer approach to reducing your weight. The Fat Burning Furnace Prgram provides exercise ideas for each level of fitness. If you have not done any exercises in a long time, a place that you can begin is with the initial exercise regime and continue working until you have reached the advanced levels once your body is in a fitter shape. 

The program is based on scientific research. If you increase the amount of muscle that you have and reduce your body fat, you will heighten your RMR because muscles can burn way more calories that fat can. By growing your muscle tissue, you can transform your body into a furnance that burns fat. 

Benefits: The workouts work and are not long.

For people that don’t want to spend hours working out, Fat Burning Furnace has a method for exercising that you will like: Strength train for just 20 minutes everyday, on 3 to 4 occassions each week.

Just a single set of exercises are needed, however these exercises can be done at a slow rate in order to allow the muscles an opportunity to be targeted by the workout more. Workouts are designed for each group of muscles, so that you can target your entire body with this program.

The Fat Burning Furnace System excludes the long cardio workouts which can be boring. Poulos suggests that the short interval methods for building strength will provide you with a much better result than spending more than one hour using a standard treadmill.

Benefit: You can buy upgrades.

The Fat Burning Furnace System has different levels including Deluxe, Ultimate, and Blowtorch. The Ultimate level is the most valuable level out of all of them, however the Blowtorch level includes two hours of videos featuring Poulos doing the various workout regimes. For novices, they should start with the first level and work up to the advanced level before trying the workouts shown in the Blowtorch level.

Review of Fat Burning Furnace – The Drawbacks

Drawback: There isn’t really a focus on nutritional needs.

This system is mainly focused on exercises. Poulos excels at providing the basics of nutrition but he doesn’t cover in detail exactly what you should eat. When contrasted with the exercise guides that go into detail, the system for nutrition gives the reader many options. This can be a pro or a con depending  on how you eat. Get ready to read about just a few meal ideas as well as guidelines for nutrition, as well as URLs where you can find recipes that you can put together yourself.

Drawback: Constant pressure to buy can be tiring.

This review of Fat Burning Furnace is not complete without letting you know this: Poulos uses the beginning section of the book to convince you of his methods and ideas. This is not a huge problem, but there are also sales pitches for foods from ProGrade. If you can ignore this, the remainder of the system is good.

Review of Fat Burning Furnace – Conclusion

Poulos is good at talking about the effects of nutrition and exercise routines on the body. He doesn’t like diets that are fads and he resolves many of the myths about nutrition by giving explanations that make sense. This system is good for individuals who have ruined their metabolisms by dieting off and on, regardless of their current levels of fitness.

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