“Love handles” is the common name that is given to that stubborn fat that appears around the back and on the sides of the waist. This name is cute but the fat is very unsightly and is dangerous to the health to have. However, this is a method for eliminating this fat forever if you make some adjustments to the lifestyle that you currently lead.

Reduce Fat Everywhere 

Excess fat on the abs area is known as love handles. This fat is hard to get rid of and can cause issues with heart disease as well as problems that affect the metabolisms. Getting rid of the fat that appears in the waist area can make it less possible that you will become diabetic or suffer with a heart problem.

If the abdominal fat that you have is an issue, you should realize that you can’t just reduce the fat only in this area. If that was a possibility there would be no reason for anyone to have issues with only certain parts of the body. Actually everyone would appear to be in perfect proportions. However, if you want to reduce the size of your love handles, you have to deal with the other fat on your body as well.

Exercises that involve cardio can make it possible for you to decrease fat at a more rapid pace. The strength training can allow you to grow the amount of lean muscle mass that you have which will also increase the rate of speed at which you burn calories. You should eat just a little bit less than the calories that you are supposed to have daily to ensure that you don’t store those extra calories that you take in as fat. Doing all of these things will ensure that you are able to get rid of your love handles.

Building Up Your Oblique Muscles

The oblique muscles are located on either side of your abdomen. They are the group of muscles that make up the area that is typically called a 6-pack when it is toned. These oblique muscles allow us the ability to do twists and turns when needed. However, they sometimes get covered up by love handles.

Increasing the strength of your oblique muscles will allow you to increase the number of calories that you burn. They will also allow your abdominal muscles to look stronger after the love handles have disappeared. 

Getting rid of your love handles can be done at a faster pace if you perform exercises that are recommended by the American Council on Exercise that are specifically recommended for the obliques. These exercises are captain’s chair leg raises, vertical leg crunches, and bicycle crunches.

Doing a bicycle crunch means that you lie on your back and perform a crunch twist while pedaling using your legs like you are riding a bicycle. Captain’s chair leg raises need to incorporate a captain’s chair, which is required in many gyms. Vertical leg crunches are done similar to regular crunches, however the legs should be put in a position that is perpendicular to the floor.

You can find the instructions for doing these exercises if you just search online.

Eating Foods That Can Burn Fat

Several foods, including those that have high levels of sodium or sugar, will increase your weight. In order to eliminate the problem of love handles, you have to take in more foods that can go against belly fat. Physicians recommend that you eat fats that are good for the heart such as the ones that you might find in fish, olive oil or nut; 3 servings of foods that are high in calcium like dairy foods or green, leafy vegetables; and fiber that is found in whole grains and fruits. You can also consider switching to a Raw Food diet (a full one or a partial one).

These food items are broken down by the body at a slow pace so you will feel fuller for a longer period of time. You can also put some green tea into your diet for an extra bit of fat burning power. Three cups everyday will increase your metabolism and keep illnesses away. 

Fix Your Clothes

One way to get rid of love handles quickly is to get better fitting clothes. By wearing tight clothing you give the illusion that you have love handles, even on people that are skinny. If you have done the work to get rid of your love handles, you should not destroy these efforts by putting on jeans that are too tight for you!


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